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Sorry I missed you guys this AM...I've got more testing on my spinal chord this afternoon at BCH to try to figure out why my right leg is tingling and numb. They found a Syrinx in my t-spine and think it might be pushing on the chord? Fun stuff.

They asked if I had an injury to my back when I was younger? I told them it could have been any one of about 100 crazy incidents that could have caused it. Football, jumping off high bridges into the intercoastal waterway and landing wrong, mountain bike crashes into trees, snowboarding wrecks, "professional wrestling" in the front yard, falling off trampolines, falling off roofs, getting hit by a car on my bike, wrecking a motorcycle, soccer collisions, flipping my FJ40 going 40MPH with only a lap belt, etc, etc, etc. Take your pick!
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