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Default 7th Annual Father's Day Run

It was an excellent run this year! We had an early start, nobody broke anything, everyone had a good time. The weather was beautiful as usual, and it was wonderful being at 11,000 feet instead of the sweltering heat of the flatlands. What better way to spend Father's Day!

We had ten rigs total, just about a perfect sized group. Matt Miller and his dad Tim in his FJ40, Bill Morgan and his wife in his runner, a fellow named Doug in a taco, Farnham and his family in his UZJ100, Farnham's friend and our newest Rising Sun member Brent Gehrman in his taco, Ken Romer in his LX450, Rachel in her runner, Matt Lewis in his runner, and Yuri, Oleg and family in Yuri's frankenrunner. They took a 1st gen body (for the open top) and put it on a 3rd gen chassis. It did well! Of course I was in my FJ40, and no, I didn't have time to stick the freshened engine and 4 speed tranny in before the run, as the last of the parts didn't arrive until Friday.

We totally skipped the first obstacle, I guess after the rollover last year some folks were kinda spooked. That's okay, we had fun anyway. Below is where we stopped for a few minutes a little ways up from the first obstacle.
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