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Originally Posted by subzali
I feel a little guilty about being involved with the jumping on the Chili to prevent a rollover, but I understand it's pretty much been a bad karma thing to do after the incident last year. But just a question that I think should be discussed before trail runs/driver's meetings etc. is what to do before an impending rollover and no strap is available to make a quick recovery? Do we need to be more prepared and have a strap out and attached when such a maneuver is likely? I'd like to see some discussion about this since it's been so common for people to jump on a truck on its way over that now that that's a no-no I think we should be prepared with another alternative in mind. Thoughts anybody?
There are a number of trails where a pre-strapping before a particular obstacle is obvious. Widow Maker on Metal Masher comes to mind. But Bill just took an odd line, I'm sure he wasn't expecting to do a wheel stand any more than we were. Actually, I've never seen anyone do that through that section. I even got a little tippy when I was trying to manuever behind Yuri as we were preparing to leave the garden. I just put it in reverse and went a different way.

You may recall I had to cut the driver's meeting short due to that lady trying to get past our line of rigs where we aired down. But there are ALWAYS straps available. A strap is just one of those essential pieces of equipment everyone should carry, and most of us always do. But like breakage, there is the potential for a flop on just about any trail, heck think of what happened to Yuri on that one section of easy trail. A moment of inattention and he was almost off the trail. Our hobby is inherently risky and we have to always be paying attention and think about the risks.
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