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I think we acted appropriately and don't see an issue with Jumping on Bills truck until we had it secured with a strap. The accidents happen when the driver tries to move while people are on it, that is the no-no.
Jeff beat me to it on the comment. Yep, what everyone did was perfect, I gotta tell ya it felt soooooo much better just to feel that truck move away from the pivot point. As I review the pix, I feel a little silly, as a wheelstand ain't no thang. But it did NOT feel good to be right at the pivot point, per the butt gauge, and the inclinometer over 30*, and all said, I was in no mind to risk the Chili. Flopping does not fit my definition of fun. I probably could have turned into it and stopped but still... just don't wanna go there. $$$, if not in addition to injury.

As Oleg was instructing me though, one more foot forward and the right front probably would have come down.
Unless a tire slipped on those dusty rocks... Oleg was patient with my fear factor moment.

One more rule of thumb: make a comment to all drivers that THEY (and secondarily the spotter) are in charge. That is, the driver is primarily responsible to ensure no one is on the rig before it moves. That's why I yelled, "CLEAR!! Truck moving!" and did a visual before I moved.

Great run! Even my wife had a great time. Doug (11thCav) it was great to have you there, look forward to seeing you at a meeting!

BTW- I should have said it during the day- THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THE COUNTRY.
-Bill Morgan
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