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Originally Posted by ZIronPig View Post
Well, I replaced the oil in the transfer case, and what came out of it looked pretty bad and there wasn't much of it either. But I did run into a problem with the transmission. The drain plug was so tight that neither me or my dad could get it out. I think the problem was that we dont have a large enough box end wrench and I can't get the correct leverage with the socket. If anyone in the Evergreen area has the right wrench, I think it is a 25mm (correct me if I am wrong), it would be wonderfull if I could borrow it long enough to do a gear oil change. Thanks.
I have a 24 mm if you need to borrow it. I live in Golden and work in Evergreen. I also saw socket sets (21 - 26 MM I think) in the discount bin at Sears in Littleton.
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