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Originally Posted by wesintl
I'm suprised you let this occur Bill. Another accident will happen if we let this continue. A strap is the only answer.

my. 02
I let it occur as a stopgap until the strap could be placed.

For such a situation I would not imagine it fits a 'if we let this continue' level of intervention into a dangerous, foolhardy situation; comparable to, say, drinking on the trail, firing weapons, reckless endangerment, driving off marked trails, etc. At least I would hope our club runs would not become that, um.... well-regulated.

FWIW, another accident will happen if we let 4x4ing continue- it is a recreational activity with danger involved which can be minimized, but not eliminated (note my avatar- if I want to be truly safe, shame on me for doing that). Every situation has clear black-and-white issues, and gray areas. IMHO, moving with people on the truck is never OK. People counterbalancing (up to but NOT including the truck actually starting to roll, and certainly not including being on the downhill side) is a gray area and it just depends.

Last year's run on Hole in the Rock, for instance, included a very well-built Toy pickup who dropped a wheel off the side and was balancing on two wheels. He was freaking out, with good reason. I reached up (standing on the uphill side of course), pulled his bumper down with minimal effort (one hand, if that gives you some idea of his 'tippiness'), and he regained enough composure to slowly back out. I would do it again; I would not leave him in that situation while I hiked back to the truck to get a strap. Composure can lead to better judgement.

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