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Default Nikon Film

I adopted Lin's Highschool yearbook staff camera. Nikon EM with a 28-80 lense on it most of the time. I have the original flash and the autowinder for it too. "It was the smallest and cheapest SLR ever made by Nippon Kogaku."

It is smaller than an F body Nikon and has fewer things to mess with, but shares lenses with the F body cameras. It has proven very durable and is often described as the camera most likely found banging around in the boot of a car. (ours happens to be in Lin's Audi's trunk right now!)

Ours works perfectly. And, It has a full mechanical mode (1/90th) so it is EMP (or dead battery) resistant.

The camera was styled by none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro. Same guy that designed the Subaru SVX, the Delorean, and The Toyota Lexus GS.
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