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Wow. Great stuff. Nikon for about 25 years now. Put two shutters in an old FM2. Then did the same in an N90. Got that the first year they came out. Now I playing with a D90. Got lots of good lenses. 200f4macro, 60f2.8AFmacro, 20-35f2.8AF, 35-70f2.8AF, 80-200f2.8AF, 300f4AF, 24-120f3.5-5.6AF-D, 18-105f3.5-5.6AF-VR, 500f4P, Bunch of manual lenses also. I learned along time ago that the only the film or sensor sees is glass. Spend your money on glass, good glass. The rest is just a box with a door in it that's dark inside.

I've attended many seminars from the likes of John Gerlach, Rod Planck, George Lepp, Dewitt Jones, Art Wolfe, John Fielder, forgot some of them. Read many books, many magazines. Have thousands of prints and slides. All this learned me to shoot good the first time or there abouts.

So now that this digital stuff is vogue I have a problem. The computer. I can shoot well from all the photo skills I have learned. I firmly believe do it right the first time, in the camera. But I don't have the comfort with the computer side of it.

So If I can get help with the computer I will help with the rest. I love to teach this stuff.

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