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I have an Arca Swiss B-1 Ballhead I bought from Kirk enterprises before they started doing there own. Really no troubles except I kept the pan knob to tight once and now it doesn't hold the rotation the best but I live with it. I use the Kirk plates for lenses and Camera bodies. Someday I will change to the Really right stuff bracket. More versitile. You can do a vertical by just remounting the camera on its side rather than moving the ball head to that position.

The tripod is a Bogen 2021 if I remember the model correctly. I choose it because I don't have to extend the head very much when I stand behind it. I'm 6'0" so I can basically look straight into the viewfinder. I put some pipe insulation on the upper legs so in cold weather it won't cool my hands.

I also have a small Gitzo tripod I use for backpacking. A heavy one but very steady. I'll carry the weight for sharp images. And a Bogen Monopod with a normal head. Again this monopod extends taller than I am so I have versatility.
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