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Default Police Chase today

After going to the dentist this morning I witnessed a pretty crazy police chase going on. It was about 9:30 when I was sitting at the intersection of Alameda and Monaco at a red light when all of a sudden I see a black Chevy Blazer hop the median and come speeding right toward me. WTF?! He swerves over passed the intersection and crosses back into the correct flow of traffic. He was then followed by no fewer than 10 unmarked police vehicles one of which was one of those huge boxy armored vehicles. It was totally nuts. After the curve I see another unmarked Police Expedition in the median with a crumpled front fender.

Anyone got a friend in the biz that would know what was going on? It must have been a pretty high profile criminal, they don't bust out those armored vehicles for nothing. Either way, it was crazy to see and I'm glad I didn't get squashed by the assailant!
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