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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
I haven't flown in probably a year and a half, maybe 2 now. But I understand the TSA is being snotty about carry on luggage and so you end up checking a lot of things. Maybe even expensive stuff like a camera or computer. Read about this way to make things a lot more secure, pack it with a weapon. Don't want to carry a real gun, well the TSA classifies a starter pistol as a weapon and if you pack one with your camera the TSA requires that the luggage be tracked and and not only lets you lock it, but it is required to be locked the whole way.
I carry on lots of stuff. throwing a weapon in checked luggage to make it more secure seems a bit ridiculous.

The regulations we have to follow are not bad.. "What? I can't carry a full bottle of shampoo anymore?!? No way!!" (that was from Colbert th eother night.. made me laugh).

you could kill a person with a starter pistol pretty easily.

Jeff can probably comment about the inconveniences of flying a bit better.
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