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Default Pelican or Hardigg Storm Cases

I have a carry-on approved Hardigg Storm Case (just like a Pelican, as a matter of fact, Pelican just purchased Hardigg). It's got wheels, a telescoping handle, crush/dust/pressure/waterproof and lockable. it's the iM2500.

As long as they don't reduce the size of carry-ons it's pretty nice. I've been just using a combo laptop & camera bag to bring it on the plane.

I think the tricky part is choosing which gear you want to bring, that is, if you have alot of choices. I pack my tripod or monopod in my checked bag, and the expensive stuff gets carried on.

the restrictions (for the most part) I think are ridiculous...I mean, a buddy of mine from High school (ex-marine now) that could kill someone with a metal ball-point pen and man! what about the old-school fountain pens! those suckers are SHARP! the pen can be mightier than the sword.
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