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  • missing o-ring on top of the thermostat 2Fs have them, not sure about F
  • too much antifreeze
  • too lean
  • too rich
  • too far advanced
  • too far retarded
  • thermostat not opening or opening too soon
  • cavitation
  • blown headgasket
  • wrong headgasket
  • timing is 180° off
  • oiling problem
  • bad sender or wrong sender
  • no fan shroud
  • kinked hose
  • scale/blockage
  • defective water pump
  • loose fan belt
  • wrong or defective cam
  • miss adjusted valves
  • vacuum leaks
  • bad brake booster
  • choke not opening
  • blocked radiator internal or external
  • any kind of friction internally
  • heater hoses routed incorrectly
  • too much compression
  • low oil level
  • cracked block/head
  • fan not close enough to radiator some years had spacers
  • lead foot
  • assembly lube in oil
  • miss adjusted float level
  • defective fan clutch
  • defective radiator cap
  • restricted exhaust including that little flapper that usually is broken
  • cracked intake manifold
  • warped intake/exhaust manifolds or bad gasket
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