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Default 2010 Snow and Pizza Run

Great run everyone. It seemed like the group was ”medium” in size for Pizza run standards. It helped having the first group take off on their own. There were quite a few late comers that formed a rear group. The reality of the Yankee Hill area is that groups get split up and groups find side challenges which was good. I think most people had a good time.

No new snow in a while enabled us to make it all the way over and down into Fall River road which was kind of rare. There were indeed a lot of large drifts up top that caused the straps and cables to come out throughout the day. Good fun. My winch cable set screw rusted out and came un-raveled. I had to duct tape it back to the spool to get it going again. Time for synthetic.

The first group decided to take a side route down from the play area. It proved to be tight in the trees and difficult. They spent a bunch of time getting turned around and back out and ended up behind us up near the top. Uncle Ben has his built 40 came out to play and swung around from fall river road and met us at the top. He and Treeroot broke down all the top drifts for us. My brother Jeff and his girlfriends son were with me. Jeff suggested bring sleds so we did and the Nay family and all had a great time sledding up top. We gathered back up together at the bottom of Yankee Hill proper and exited.
I think Bo Jo’s went well. Except for the delay at one point with the pizza buffet. We had 45 adults there and came in under budget. It was good times with a great group.

Perry will have to post up some of his pictures from his new camera. I didn't take any this year. Very odd.
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