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Originally Posted by psfpilot View Post
We're signed up for the:

- Swell overnight run
- Gold Bar Rim
- Elephant Hill

Will the Gold Bar Rim and Elephant Hill imperil the rocker panels of a stock locked 80 on 33" tires with an experienced driver at the wheel? After reading the trail description on the CM website, we felt safe selecting those, but as I read the Charles Wells guide to Moab trails this morning, I'm a touch concerned. Here are the passages that piqued my curiosity:

Gold Bar Rim - "Many difficult ledges, esp. at the top. For modified vehicles with very high ground clearance..." (p.86).

Elephant Hill - "Tall rock ledges require high ground clearance... Skid plates are recommended. Aggressive stock vehicles can do it..." (p.203).

Our experience with the Wells Colorado trail guide has shown that he is conservative in his recommendations, so I'm not too worried, but I figure it is better to ask now and request any necessary trail assignment change earlier rather than later.
I did E-hill last year friday by myself with the family in our stock 80. I slightly bent the pass running board on one of the ledges. I can't remember which obstacle but it wasn't the hill or the silver stairs.

I would be concerned about the final ledges on gold bar though. They are really dug out iirc coming out of spike. I hven''t been on that trail lately though.
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