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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
I did E-hill last year friday by myself with the family in our stock 80. I slightly bent the pass running board on one of the ledges. I can't remember which obstacle but it wasn't the hill or the silver stairs.

I would be concerned about the final ledges on gold bar though. They are really dug out iirc coming out of spike. I hven''t been on that trail lately though.
Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Probably get some damage without sliders on some of those ledges.
I should have noted that we don't have running boards and our plan was to hike the last (worst) few ledges of gold bar to the scenic overlook. Does this plan sound mostly harmless, or should we see if it's not too late to swap for chicken corners on both days?

This will be our first CM, and as I am not familiar with the normal pacing of the conga line on a CM trail tour, I'd prefer that we not be "that guy" holding the tail-gunner up to an excessive degree while we gingerly pick our way over the sharper ledges, so any and all advice is appreciated.
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