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That said, sounds like a great trip...It all comes down to how dependable the 40 is in the long run...

Sounds like you have a TON of work to get ready for such a trip...My first question is how much more will it cost to drive the entire way vs. taking the ferry from Seattle? That is a LONG way and a LOT of gas...For my 40, the extra $800 the ferry will cost compared to what you thought it was going to cost would only net me ~267 gals at $3/gal (and I bet gas will average more than that) which would be 2670 miles in my 40. Google maps says it is ~2300 miles from Seattle to Fairbanks. By my calculations that means driving will save you ~$111 over the ferry (assuming 10mpg and $3/gal gas) not including the $500 you were originally planning to spend of course.

6+ days driving to save $100 vs. taking the ferry? Trip of a lifetime or not, I think I'd be getting on the ferry

Keep us up to date on how the planning and preparations are going...Some of use might have something you could "borrow" that would help you make the trip - In fact I've got a set of NIB ProComp offroad lights I'd donate to the trip...I bought them off Zepp for a case or two of but I've decided to go a different route. The only negative is Jeff told me they are power hogs drawing like 10amps...Might be too power hungry for the 40
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