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Two books on Norman Rockwell - just finished
A Sword for Mother Nature - Terry Grosz - currently reading
No Safe Refuge - Terry Grosz - next someday
Ranches book - John Fielder
Photograhping Nature - John Fielder - currently reading
James K. Polk - The Man Who changed the Presidency and America - Walter Borneman

Oh yah, The Trailsman series, #43. Been reading this one for years.

Rockwell is the greatest and I finally understand how and why he did what he did.
Met Terry Grosz at the International Sportsmans show. A retired 30 some year federal fish and game warden. He wrote the stories of all is times, about6 various books I believe. Saw Fielder at the Bemis library a couple of Fridays ago and got him to sign all my books and bought a couple of new ones. I can never read enough on photography. But the James K. Polk book has me intrigued. He set the west to being open for all as I understand it. should be good.
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