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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
No wonder it's depressing you.

Ya need to read other schtuff too!

That's the definition of advocacy history (and journalism too, BTW).

I do understand the value of postmodern thought in puncturing the illusion of rationalistic objectivity - such objectivity not only defies what we know about phenomenology, it goes against what quantum mechanics is discovering - but this goes waaaaaaaaay beyond that.
Meh, I've read other stuff. This is a refreshingly different take, and IMO, quite good.

His socialist trappings are easy to identify, and avoid if you wish. This isn't really one of his "become a socialist" books. Its simply a more realistic view of Americain History: The rich crapping on the poor, over, and over again. He does try to make a point of leading the reader to conclude that a different form of government might have produced a different history, but again, its easy to ignore.

I've always known that capitalism works so well because it is based on the fact that, as humans, we are all out for ourselves, and we'll step on whoever, and betray anyone to get to the top. Zinn makes the point ad naseum in his book, which isn't why I'm reading. I could care less about his political agenda.

It is nice to step outside the normal view of our history, that of heroic founding fathers, and a fair, almost utopian, society, and visit the darker side of our history.

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