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Originally Posted by Red_Chili
Aw, you just posted that so I didn't feel like such a moron for feeling tipsy, er, tippy...

I guess I did have good reason...
Here's the thing. I was where Oleg was in this photo, at Cruise Moab when someone did about the same thing. I ran like heck away from the down side and around to the above side, then gave instructions on how she should go about getting out of her tripod.

After surveying the situation, my spotting was "put it in reverse while you still have your foot on the brake, then ease off the brake and ease backwards about six inches." She did, the wheel came down and then she was able to to correct her line.

Spotting can be more harzardous than driving. Two thngs come to mind as advice: (1) Stay away from any vehicle that is moving (2) Stay away from the downhill side of any vehicle that is being tippy, whether moving or not.
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