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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
A spare does fit with the All Pro.. but it is a little tricky to lower it as there's not as big of a gap between the top of the bumper and the bottom of the tailgate. So you can't assemble the whole thing in front of you then shove it in- you have to assemble the pieces that need to be behind the bumper, behind the bumper.
The way the Taco and the Hilux bumpers mount up are different and the tailgate/apron/frame/bumper configuration isn't quite identical between them. It's possible that what applies to the Tacoma bumper does not to the Hilux. Not sayin' the All Pro doesn't work but that's not the first time I've heard it. I believe it's got to do with the receiver tube IIRC. If you look closely the Addicted and the Marlin have a second hoop that extends back to support the receiver. The All Pro pushes it in to make a cleaner departure angle. That sits where the spare wants. I think it's possible to squeeze in a factory 28" sized spare, but not 31" or bigger.
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