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Default My Off-Road pop-up's Multi Axis coulper installed and tested

I had Oleg weld on my multi-axis coupler to my pop-up last week (and replace my timing belt). As usual, Oleg and his brother did outstanding work. He cut off the stock coupler and welded on a reciever tube and beefed it up as needed.

I ordered it from Adventure Trailers. A pintle hitch has a ton of slop. This one is nice and tight. In fact it's kind of a pain to hook up the trailer, because you have to have it lined up just right. This was the only one like this I found that was available in the US. Australia has several options, but they aren't available here. I'm pleased with it.

It's kind of a joke to sell an off road trailer like this that is capable of going over rough terrain (which it does nicely), with a standard ball hitch. I know these campers have only been on the market for a few years, but I was shocked that no one in the Kettelsen Campers "community", could either could suggest another hitch option or acknowledge that the standard ball won't flex much in relation to what the trailer is designed to do. When I took off the receiver\ball from the truck, held it in my hand, put in the trailer coupler and flexed it up. It would only pivot up about 10 degrees or so. Any kind of good size ditch or water bar in a forest road would tweak the coupler apart. Which would leave your trailer stranded until another coupler could be welded on (on the trail).

I tested it out this weekend. Even though this trailer is only a 10 footer, it feels quite wide (compared to the Runner) and long on the small forest roads. You pretty much have to have pre-run the trail and know it's trailer safe before proceeding. Worrying about backing it down a tight trail and finding a space large enough to turn around kind of freaks me out.

The trail near Winter Park that I was on started to get smaller and smaller and it was new to me, so I cut my losses and turned it around where I could. I don't believe the standard ball and hitch would have cut it here. The Marlin sure was helpful for this.

I guess I have never really tested the limits of a standard ball, so perhaps I'm wrong. But, it sure was a good feeling knowing I had it in this situation.
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