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Default Jenny Creek 4th run

3 rigs, Nathanial and his 60. Treeroot and Ian in the 40, and me and 2badfj's in my 70.

Treeroot reminded me that today was tuesday keeping the tradition going of tuesday wheelin We welcome Nathanial to the fold

Nathanial beat both Treeroot and myself to the trailhead. It was pretty tame until Treeroot crossed the creek and used his 4 wheel steering. whoops, another spring pin bites the dust.(his other one broke on jenny creek too ) A quick pit stop to repair it and we were on our way. It was nice and easy til the last snow drift at the top. Nathanial and I had to winch and in true fashion treeroot just gassed it to the top I think Nathanial said those jeep service tyres weren't giving him much service

We moved on past yankee doodle and through the snow drift in the cut to be able to make it up to the parking lot past jenny lake. We then hiked up to needle eye tunnel. Both Treeroot and I did our best monkey imatations and we climbed though the Tunnel. It's breathtaking up there. We then went up and explored the trestles. Lastly we hurried home. Of course the Fireworks down here were rained out

Look more for tueday wheeling in the future.

My pics in the gallery
See you on the trail
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