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Seriously looks nice, the main reason anyone at ketelsen didnt give you any more info is we can't, the trailer is not designed for "offroading" it was built in the mind that you would be going down a dirtroad and hit an occasional bump, going "offroad" technically will void some warranties. im not trying to defend our dealership, just tellin you that we are trying to cover our asses by not telling you how to take your trailer off the beaten path. trust me some of us know what it takes at the dealership to have an "offroad" trailers 1 guy has an older "Coleman Colorado" on 31" x-terrains, but he still wont take it "offroad" because he know it will be tore apart in a couple of years. Like i said we have to cover our asses and keep in mind the ability to now take it "offroad" is going to mean more basic maitenance. ie tightening screw more often, cabinets will take more of a beating, etc.
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