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Originally Posted by Groucho
Nikon D-70. 6MP. 1 GB card.

I am not photoshop equipped, so in order to re-size my smallest pictures I have to upload them on an kodak online album, then right click them to save as a smaller file so I can post them. My smallest pictures on small/basic setting gets me about 235kb file size.

I have an easier way for you. When ever I need to resize my pics quickly I use XnView once you get it installed you:

- Tools>Batch Convert
- Choose your files or folder you want to convert
- Choose the destination folder where you want your resized photos to go
- hit Advanced
- choose resize and "----->"
- give it a size like 640x480
- OK button
- GO button and you're done!!!

It's the quickest most effective method of resizing pics I have found
- Ian S.
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