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Default My Offroad Camper modification

Knowing that I have a wife and two teenagers the daughters, one of the age old reasons that they can't go camping is dead. No longer can they say they can't plug in their hairdryer or other electronic devices.

I recently bought a 4000W (surge)3500 (Steady) generator. Lots of research on led me to a great deal at checker auto parts for $329, It's RV ready (has socket) and it's quiet for its size. Just a little louder than one of those $1000 2000W Honda Generators. Being here and on mud, I have learned the value of forums when doing research. There is a 230+ page thread on these Chinese cloan generators and the consensus and user tests show this one is the best.

Not only will this generator power my stuff and recharge my batteries on the trail, I can power my frig, furnace, some lights and even a tv when the power goes out at home. That's another reason to get a larger generator. A 2000W would have handled all my camping needs, even if I added AC to my pop up later.

So now the question came, where to put it? One of the reasons I bought the Jayco Baja was the front storage deck, but this generator is too big to fit on the deck. Most folks would have bought a smaller generator, but with what we do, if it doesn't fit, modify it is the mantra!

So, I cut a section of the railing off and bought some Steele pipe at Home depot that would fit within the diameter of the existing railing.

I had to move my tool box over so it could fit as well.

I bent the new pip so there would be at least 6 inches within the existing pipe. I then used JB Weld and a pipe clamp (not shown in photos).

I also drilled holes in the deck and bolted the generator down with 4 bolts. The bolts will hold the generator.

So, on the Ghost Town run, feel free to bring your coffee maker, projector and whatever and you can run it off my generator. You could bring the rising sun laptop and projector and run a movie for the kids.
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