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Originally Posted by JadeRunner
Hey Vic,
Thanks for chiming in, I guess I understand the reality of your position as the middlemen between Starcraft and the customer. No easy answers I suppose. But, it's still not fair to the consumer.

My friend for example, just bought a new Tacoma TRD and the Fleetwood E1. He's not a wheeler like I am by any means, but he gets out a lot and certainly plans to take his setup on a lot of back roads and through streams crossings etc. He will at some point keep pushing it and encounter something that could snap his coupler and leave him stranded. He was surprised to hear my speal about how a coupler was needed. So he asked the Ketelsen guys and they told him that they have never heard of such a problem and they have been in the business for many years etc.. So in his mind he doesn't think it's a problem. And if he has a problem with this he will expect Kelelsen to fix it under warranty since it is designed to go off-road. They could have just acknowledged that the trailer is capable of going over terrain that is way beyond the capabilities of the coupler and that it up to him to upgrade it. But, I suppose to your point, there are other issues and liabilities that go along with saying that.

In terms of screws coming loose when off-roading. Isn't traveling on a bumpy dirt road for 28 miles to Deep Lake in the Flat Tops much worse that flexing it off-road? People take their normal pop-up's up there all the time. With one axle, the flex and wear and tear by going slow over when off-roading doesn't seem to be an issues. Scraping the sides and ripping off the awning is the issue IMO.

So I guess, I blame Starcraft (and Fleetwood) for not addressing the potential issues in form of disclaimers or whatever and educating the Kelelsens of the world how to respond to customers regarding the capabilities and expectations of this thing.

Starcraft definitely sells this thing as an off-road trailer. I took this quote from their website.

Starcraft’s all-new RT series of folding camping trailers can go almost anywhere, from campgrounds to wilderness trails, to mountain peaks. Three main features set the RT apart: a 6” tube frame, 15” radial mud rover tires, and heavy-duty shocks, all designed to absorb bumps, provide off-road stability and rough terrain ground clearance.

seriously the screws comin loose thing, if you actually offroaded your 10rt youre trailer will probaly be in a lot worse shape than just a few screws loose because the floor will flex with the frame, i know it sounds weird but trust me we have people bitching at us all the time that all their cabinets are coming loose from the floor, blah blah blah because al they did was run it down a dirt road for a couple of miles. if a manufacturer would actually build a trailer for its intended purpose, no one would buy em because they would be outrageously priced, lol. honestly the biggest problems with towable units is that they are towed, they are going to have little things come loose, dirt is going to get inside a little bit, THEY ARE NOT PERFECT! seriously though as long you keep up on small maintenance items, such as screws, fastners, etc. you shouldnt have any problems. keep in mind i am not telling you to go out to a tough trail and tote your trailer with ya and see how she does because im bettin you may not like the end results, but it may fare ok too, like i said. as long as youre keepin it "real" youll be just peachy! on a side note jade if ya have any probs ya wanna discuss away from the forum with your popup and would like to chat with me PM me and i can help as much as possible.
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