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My comment about one of the pix above bears clarification.

That shot of you putting your shovel back almost looks like you were in the mud area, but I know you better than that, right?
Just for the record, I *do* know Treeroot better than that. He would never do such a thing. But we have to be careful of what we post on a public forum.

Take a look at the picture. It *looks* compromising. It *does* almost look like you were in the mud area. That is NOT the same as saying Treeroot actually was off trail - The picture is what folks who would like to shut down trails harvest from our public forums, they are more than happy to lift pictures of context and put them in a whole new context. Just bringing attention to how they see the pictures we post, and how they look to others out of context.

Brian Rasmussen from the Boulder Ranger District was up there and took lots more pictures of drive-arounds by the drift. It is awful - and it has happened in the last eight weeks or so. Our Yankee Doodle project is desperately needed. Perhaps seasonal closures of Jenny Creek are justified as well - before someone decides permanent closure is justified.

We just have to be very sensitive to appearances on that trail and on Bill Moore (and all of the high trails frankly). I seriously meant *NO* damage to Treeroot's good reputation and great contributions to trail preservation!

I apologize publicly if anyone perceived this in my comments and will publicly defend Treeroot's reputation.
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