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I'm debating what to do right now. I did not discover this until about 48 hours ago. Bridger is not in his own room yet. So we rarely go in there. Opened the blind the other day and found the surprise. The second pic represents acutal snow depth on that side of the house. Bridger's window gets additional snow when the roof slides. But I'll have to dig through 5+ feet just to get to the window in question which has the real problem. That pile is 12+ feet deep with a small tree burried it it for good measure. Digging it out is going to be difficult.

edit: OK dug out the window so that snow is not against it. I'm still afraid that when the next storm loads the roof and it slides off I'm going to have snow hit the glass pretty hard. I guess I either dig out the untire pile or risk it. Here's another pic to show how high the pile is. From the outside the top of it is level with the second floor deck railing.
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