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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
This should do the trick Now
OMG that's awesome.

edit: I think you just have to dig that window out for the rest of the spring. This summer, is there any way to do an awning over the window or something? Can you build out something above it? Or else consider adding some additional horizontal steel "stoppers" that keep the snow from sliding off on that side of the house. I realize folks get those steel roofs so snow slides off, but your roof trusts are likely so over-rated for load that you could park the 80 up there, and your insulation is likely fine too. The real reason to get the stuff off the roof is water.

If you keep snow on the roof and the insulation or venting is poor then you get all sorts of damming & water issues, so I can definitely see the appeal of sliding that stuff off of there as soon as possible... would be better if it could go somewhere else besides up against the kiddo's window though!
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