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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Depends on if the recipient is an engineer!
So anyone at a Rising Sun meeting besides, uh, DaveinDenver, Red Chili and Romer will be ecstatic at winning a couple of D-rings courtesy of UB? Oh, by the way, my new $19 10'x3" 24000 lb rated tree saver was made in OZ. Got a problem with that, UB? Really, I see no good argument for not taking advantage of the $40 investment in being a member of two high quality organizations that have my best interests at heart and coming away with the equivalant of a Rising Sun raffle prize as an extra bonus. Those Harbor Freight tools and other raffle prizes are, no doubt, not made in the good 'ol US of A and winners seldom boohoo about winning them. Your win/win/lose scenario just doesn't hold water with me.

Oh heck, just checked the place of manufacture of the ARB tree saver I got at 4WP. 'Tweren't made in the USA or OZ. Taiwan to be exact. Wrong again, I guess. Oh well, it's really nice anyway, and now I'm thinking about buying another ARB product. win/win/win/win

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