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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Thats OK! I was talking about what I needed and what I discovered if you remember. A free $25 gift card is a great bonus no mater how you look at it!

BTW....sorry to pee in your Cheerios Crash!
Okay, let's check the score here: Crash - four wins. Year extensions on TLCA and BRI memberships, an ARB tree saver for essentially $19 plus gift card and being favorably enough impressed with the ARB product purchased at 4WP to consider purchasing other ARB recovery products. Good for business.
Uncle Ben - two wins and one fail (loss) for his $40.
I'm happy four ways so nobody pissed in my Cheerios. The only pissing going on here is someone peeing their pants at a recent old guys concert.
I'm glad to see that you do agree, UB, that the gift card is a great bonus, even though you have a strange way of expressing it, to help causes we feel the same about. Kumbiya!
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