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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Not quite sure while your taking defense to my comment that 4WPW discount isn't. I have been quite clear that the whole deal is awesome! I am now paid up with TLCA till 2015, I am a life member of BRC so that money was a donation and I got a $25 cushion in the inflated price at 4 Wheel Parts (not even close to) Wholesale. Hakuna Matata!
I have no idea what you are trying to say in the first sentence above and I'm not going to google Hakuna Matata. Please excuse my inability to see how you have been clear, in your words, that the entire deal is awesome when I read the below quote from your post #10 in this thread:

Win win and fail! Got my $25 card too and so I'm thinking woo hooo I can get a sweet deal on a couple expensive items I need to get. I discover that with 4WPW 10% instant discount they have giving right now AND my $25 gift card the items I want are still $60+ more than Summit Racings everyday price. Not sure what I'll buy there now but I'm guessing it will not be much more than $25!

Quickly searching the 'net for the going price of the ARB730 tree saver, I find that 4WP's everyday price is about as inexpensive as anyone else's - $44.95. When I took the strap up to the counter at 4WP, I asked if it was on sale today and was told that, yes, it was for $40.49. Handed the guy my gift card, he rang it up and I owed $19.01. Perhaps if the parts I wanted were expensive, I wouldn't be as happy but as it is, the deal was a winner all the way for me. My whole point of beating this to death is that I see no need of any negativity when the idea of the promotion is to help bolster the ranks of like-minded folks when it comes to offroading. Being the "coolest mofo in Rising Sun" according to Jenny Cruiser, and I don't argue the accuracy of JC's comment at all, you must realize the responsibility that goes with that description. Someone in the club that looks up to you and your choices may take your "fail" portion of the above quote to mean that maybe it isn't such a good deal afterall. I certainly hope not.
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