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Default 2010 Rally Location?

yeah yeah, I know, way early to think about it....but I may have found a very cool place for the rally this year, only a mile or so away from the normal place. Colorado Mills Mall has a cool area called "the Street", there between the mall and the movie theater. They can close both ends of the street, and we can park our rigs along the street like it is a car essence it could "be" a car show...or a Toyota truck show. We could still have the parking lot on either end for Christo's rig, or have the vendors in the parking lot or the street, tons of options. Plus we have shade, bathrooms, food and drink (including beer), stuff for the kids to do, all within a few feet of our trucks, and expose our cool trucks to the public. I am dealing with the Mall for another project, and I am sure I can get a really good deal on the space, and we can block off as much of the parking lot as we need. Let me know what you think.

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