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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Do you think that offers advantages over where we have been doing it? I would worry that Colorado Mills Mall would not be thrilled over the swap meet aspects of our Rally. We have a lot of old, rusty, greasy parts for sale.
I think it has a lot of advantages...

Bathrooms (closer than a long hike)
A/C close by
Food and Drink close by
Stuff for the kids to do
Stuff for the significant other to do. For those of you with a S.O. that is not excited about the Rally, they can go shop while you hang out with us.
Did I mention Shade?
Photo ops...would love to see all the 40's lined up down the "street"

I know the Events Director and she thinks it is a great idea...and I mentioned the "greasy parts" aspect. As long as we are not leaving huge piles of grease and oil, we should be ok.

It would be more difficult to collect the $5 per truck, but I am sure we could figure that part out...

Just an idea, kinda like Area BFE, a change to shake things up and maybe improve the event a little is all I am thinking about...
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