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> Shade

Not that much, unless you go into the mall. Most people have easy-ups or some sort of canopy at the rally

> Bathrooms (closer than a long hike)

The only ones there are either inside a restaurant, in the mall or movies. Still a long walk.

> A/C close by

As in Air Conditioning? How does this help people outside?

> Food and Drink close by

I thought we did a pretty good job at that

> Stuff for the kids to do
> Stuff for the significant other to do. For those of you with a S.O. that is not excited about the Rally, they can go shop while you hang out with us.

But if they don't want to come to the rally at the other venue, they can still do the same thing. I don't understand why it would be benificial to the rally to provide something else for people to do that come to the rally? Other than car-pool that does not sense to me.

> Did I mention Shade?

Again, I don't see it.

> Photo ops...would love to see all the 40's lined up down the "street"

True dat, but then try to do a Rising Sun Car show or something like that. Or have the 40 only run meet there

Sorry, I might sound harsh about it, but we (as in Slee) has done quite a bit and spent some $'s to get the Rally to be a good event. I would not like it to move from where it is at. We are just now getting the momentum again.
Christo Slee
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