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Originally Posted by farnhamstj View Post
I'm thinking about buying a SG II. Any suggestions on where to buy. $159 seems to be the going rate. Any experiences? good or bad? It'll be an internet purchase. I'm not really looking for the best deal, more concerned with reputable/helpful retailer.

Next question is more difficult and perhaps when I have one I'll figure it out better? how do I adjust for r&p gearing being non factory and not factory tire size?

Lastly, I assume it'll give "P0401" and such for CEL codes. Then I cross reference those with factory manual(I already one one) to know what the code means or does the SG II have Toyota protocol and text read out describing the cause of the CEL? (currently no CEL or other issues exist, P0401 is just an example)
I bought mine directly from Scangauge back when...I see group buys listed from time to time so I'm betting they'd put something together for you.

The Scangauge won't correct your speedometer for non-stock gearing or tires, but you can add a % factor (+/-) in the setup that will then be used to calculate your speed that the display can show. If you aren't far off then no biggie as far as shift points on the tranny are concerned etc and you can use the Scangauge to show you your true speed. Of course you'll need a GPS to really figure out what % you are off by.

And yes to your last question..
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