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I don't think Kevin is checking this often. I know he's been a little off with a shoulder injury and I haven't checked it since my cruiser was stolen in Oct last year. I'll do my best to answer your questions.

The product Kevin sprays goes on in a 1 to 1 solution under high pressure and high heat. Prep is important or it'll peel right off, so he makes sure unwanted holes are covered/repaired, and any oil, etc is cleaned off. Then the surface is sanded to allow the material to adhere. It is cured @95% within 5 seconds and 100% within 24 hours. You can use it by the time he is done unwrapping the vehicle. The product also has 30% more UV protection than the Line-X product. You can even have the liner top-coated to match your paint which increases the UV protection against fading. As far as texture, it is normally similar to Line-x, not too rough, but not slick. I think he can make it more on the smooth side, but confirm with him.

The best way to get him as at the shop 303-932-1196. I'm always givin him greif about is computer ability or lack there of, but he can work wonders with bedliner material. He just finished spraying an entire Toyota 4 runner that was color matched green. It came out looking awesome.

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