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Holmgren thought Jake Delhomme gave them a better shot than quinn

I agree

that means Holmgren, a man who has been around a lot longer and knows a lot more about football than mcdaniels does, thought quinn was worth trading for some low rounders.

So 1 of 2 possiblities exist:
holmgren thinks Hillis is far better of a football player than mcdaniels does
holmgren thinks quinn's a bust. (probably the most likely since most of the NFL considers this to be true).

either way, if he chose carolina's old-castoff delhomme (who I thought we should go after, he's still got some time to play) over quinn, it probably doesn't say a whole lot for his opinion of quinn.

quinn is destined for underwear commercials.

The only way this makes sense is if one considers Hillis to be a backup fullback (which he is under McDaniels) and not the dynamic, hard running, hard hitting running back we all know him to be prior to McDumbass's arrival.

I bet quinn, even though he's considered a 1st round bust, is AT LEAST a better backup than chris simms, he might even beat out Orton, but I think Hillis was one of the best football players the Broncos had.

McDaniels didn't and doesn't see it that way, he obviously had no use for Hillis, for some reason, probalby because he wasn't one of "his guys".

I hope i'm really wrong, and so is Holmgren, and Mangini, and McDaniels is right in thinking that Quinn brings more to the table than Hillis, I just don't think so.

I would've traded McDaniels for Quinn
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