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if you consider hillis to be a 7th round draft pick (which he was)
and don't take into consideration the quality back he actually was,
then 'most analysts' are right,
we didn't give up anything for quinn
and therefore stand to lose very little when quinn is a bust.

but the fact is, Hillis was a much better back than a 7th round pick, he was a find, and was a solid player, he could play full back and tail back and played with a lot of grit.

for some unexplained reason, nobody who covers the broncos even can figure out why McDaniels hated Hillis.

If you ignore what type of player he was and just look at it on the surface, he didn't play much last year, so we aren't losing much. And that's what 'most analysts' are doing.

imo, most analysts are wrong in this case and Hillis was simply a much better player than either his draft position, or his playing time last year, indicated.
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