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Here are the trails I am interested in. Some will need to be grouped together into a day. And then will need to be assign an actual day.

Beef Basin
Chicken Corner
Cliff Hanger - doing it on Thu CM2010
Colorado River Overlook
Devil's Lane
Dome Plateau
Elephant Hill
Find & Things - doing it on Sat CM2010
Gemini Bridges
Granite Creek
Hole In The Rock
Hurras Pass
Jackson Hole
Kane Creek Canyon
Klondike Bluffs
La Sal Pass
Lockhart Basin
Onion Creek
Poisen Spider Mesa
Porcupine Rim - doing it on Friday CM2010
Rose Garden Hill
Shcarf Mesa West
Secret Spire
Shafer Trail
Spring CAnyon Bottom
Taylor Canyon
Top of the World (must see)
White Rim (probably after CM one or two days)

These are listed alphabetically. My next plan is to read the description in depth and group them by proximity. However, anyone feel free to make suggestions.

What characterizing these trails is that they are easy for 4" lift and 35 tires. This means I should be able to go through them at slow by study pace. According to the description I have, they can be challenged to stock or slightly modified trucks. The way I interpret it that a trail may take 2 hours to 4" lift 35" tires may take 5 hours to stock vehicle. I am interested in trails that my car can drive thru. I am not interested spending two hours trying to get thru one little hill.

Again, your knowledge and help is greatly appreciated.

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Albany, NY
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