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Your going to have to narrow that down a lot. Even with your well equiped truck it will be hard to cover that list in the time you have. Your truck will not cut time in half over a stock truck.

A great number of trails in Moab contain large sections of slickrock or other rock surfaces. You will be crawling over them regardless of vehicle unless getting bounced around in the rig does not bother you, but at speed I wager it will get old. Poison Spider is a great example of this. There are a few obstacles but nothing very hard.(I wheel a stock 80) However its seems there is an endless supply of bumpy rock which dictates a slow pace.

I have not done all the trails on your list but I'll try to help narrow it a little. You could easily cross off Top of the World. Its a pretty uneventful trail with a great view at the end. But a view of the same valley you'll see on Friday from the top of Porcupine Rim. Just from the oppisite side of the valley.

Gemini Bridges. I would not bother. If you want to see an arch best to goto Arches. The trail is more like an access road to bigger and better. Easily driven by a Subaru.

The Shafer Trail is part of the White Rim loop unless you want to seek other routes back to town.

In the end you'll probably change your plans anyway after getting your first taste of Moab during the event. The scenery is spectacular and its hard to pass up trails that offer it. But driving over slickrock obstacles is addicting with its super traction. Its easy to want to spend all your time doing what seems impossible anywhere else.
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