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Originally Posted by subzali
So I got some of these to replace my sketchy-looking I believe OEM brake hoses, and found that they are all long. I was warned about this, and the axle to wheel hoses aren't bad, I'm fine with them, but the body to front axle hose, which was 7" stock, is 16" long . The OEM body to rear axle hose is 14" with the stainless one being 16" so I'm sure that one will be okay, but even though it's an aftermarket kit I would think that the front would be kinda close ? Anybody else install stainless steel hoses (I got these from SOR) and run into the same problem? I horseshoed mine over by the diff to keep it away from the tire, but I'm going to call those guys tomorrow and try to get the skinny on it.

Longer is good! You have and will be modifing your suspension and gaining both wheel travel and distance between axle and frame, longer is better than pulled apart! If you have issues of the line getting to close to the tire or hanging down try some rearangement of the steel lines or you can also get creative with springs just make sure you account for wear of the spring on the brake hose! The front one does sound excessively long however as 9" longer than stock is wishfull thinking as far as wheel travel goes!

NOTE; AAI (what Ige referanced) is a great shop and they can make up any custom length you need if they don't have it in stock!
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