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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
Using the other thread, I am now down to these trails:

Beef Basin
Chicken Corner
Colorado River Overlook (there is more than one overlook, but I think they are all pretty accessible)
Dome Plateau
Secret Spire

Elephant Hill (you could maybe do this one, but it's a very long day)
Hole In The Rock (super long and far away)
Kane Creek Canyon
Poison Spider Mesa
Rose Garden Hill
white rim

So I have make decision from the above what to do in the first 3 days.
Also the bottom part is not recommended doing by myself. Very likely I will be joined with another North East truck, but it is going to be his first time at Moab as well.
I assume Monday I will want something close and slow with breaks and starting not to early.
Tue I can take a long day. Up with first light - coffee - off we go... coming back to camp by sunset. I don't see a point traveling at night.
Wed I can take a long day - same as tue
Thur is already CM - mingle with the crowd :-)
Good choices. If you are staying in camp it will be easy to get folks to join or tag along on other trails.

We need a white board at BFE so people can post up what they are planning to run each day before the event!
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