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Default Never an original thought has occured in my brain trucks inside..

so last week I sell the front brush guard and bumper off my 80 to a guy.

I figure since he's buying both, i'll take them off as a unit, it'll be easier to load in the back of his TRUCK.

it was the right way to do it, but it was pretty large as a unit:
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so he shows up, I go out front and he is driving one of these:

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I am looking at the mercedes, looking at the bumper assembly, and thinking to myself, oh great, this will be fun, We'll have to tear it all apart ...

He'll fit, no worries.

turns out he was right, that wagon swallowed it whole no problem, I was shocked, what a cool ride...

anway that was point 1 of this

point 2 of this was we get to talking about land cruisers, trucks, off roading,
he tells me he's into expedition stuff, and the land cruiser is kind of a side thing.

Now, going back several years, I worked at a Truck Dealership here in town that was also a Mitsubishu Fuso distributor.

At that time, there were a few customers in Colorado that purchased FG mitsu's which are 4x4 equipped from the factory and had pretty good clearance actually too. I liked them back then when a lot. Many of the customers were based in the mountains and used them for plow trucks etc.

Anyway a buddy of mine at work and I got to talking about Isuzu NPR diesel engines and he mentions there are a few expedition builds he has seen out there on isuzu chassis.

I mention the mitsu FG thing and how I think it might be a pretty good chassis for that, they got pretty good mileage, pretty good diesel power plant, very reliable chassis and drivetrain components, the only trouble really I remember were some expensive brake jobs we sold....

never really thought about it much after that.

Back to the guy in the Mercedes, he says to me on the driveway after his wagon swallows my bumper whole...that he recently went and picked up his new mitsu FG expedition camper in Alabama....

I stop in my tracks...wait, mitsu FG expo-camper??? He says yea, its a pretty popular chassis for that type of build.

I'm thinking to myself dang....another idea I thought was an original one apparently has been thought out before and executed.

Then today, I'm over on expedition portal and I run across a WHOLE SECTION about it.

what a bunch of really cool trucks!!

there are some SWEET trucks built up on these medium duty diesel chassis.

I like this one:
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got me thinking of that filmpros guy on mud that's building like 8000 lb land cruisers with FOR suspensions and stuff, everytime I read anything from that guy, I keep thinking he needs to consider his chassis choice...

anyway, I guess the point to this long and winding tale is, everytime I think I have a pretty good idea, it usually turns out that many others have thought of it long ago, and executed it BEAUTIFULLY....oh well

plus I like posting up pics of things I will never be able to afford, but rather just dream about idly in my driveway telling myself what a good idea I had....

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