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Default Left Hand Canyon Test ride

Went up Left hand canyon yesterday on a test drive of a new family purchase. Since we just got it i did not want to do anything tough and just wanted to see what it could do an need repaired or improved. And left hand was the closest place to try since it was getting late. It was sloppy and muddy due to the recent snow. I got about half way up and ran into a few folks trying to recover something. i say something because all i could see were headlights. it was way off the side of the trail. Take Tims predicament on the Ghost town run this past summer and put him about 2-3 feet further down the hill with his front pointed up hill. Not sure how this guy did not go all the way down on his top. There was a stock four runner and a new jeep trying to get him back up the hill to the trail and with the mud no luck. I had them chain the front off to the wire rope barrier post on the trail and another guy in the rear chain off his rear so when i hooked a winch to him i would not go with him if it went over. Was pretty hairy. Now i know how you guys felt on the GTR with Tim. It also helped me assess an recovery plan for this guy. Also for not knowing if the winch worked or not, just that the guy said it worked. Did not have all my recovery gear just tools the winch and a high lift. We had the guy get in and drive it up back on the trail as i winched and the other guy kept the line tight we were able to get him up. It was a pretty beat up Nissan pathfinder when i did get to see what it was. I would say a pretty good test drive to see how it works. Not many test drives you can get to test everything. Only pics were after I got him up and on the trail. Now i know not to go up left hand any more. There are some pretty scary folks that do that trail. I say that because i think this guy had a few to many to be on the trail and another guy went flying up on my way out in a trooper with kids in the back sliding all over the place.
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