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Default General Moab Info Needed

I am finalizing details for my trek for CruiseMoab from Tennessee. Due to work and time constraints I am shipping my truck to Denver and flying to Denver on Tuesday evening 4/27 and driving to Moab 4/28. Looking for a little advice on a few details.

Is there a group headed to Moab 4/28 that wouldn't mind me tagging along? If so what time, meeting place etc.?

How long does it take to make it to Moab from Denver?

How early is appropriate to leave Sunday AM? I don't want to take off leaving a group to wrap any group responsibilities. Looking to book a flight back to Tennessee and would need time to drive back, drop off my 80 series at the storage facility and make it to the airport.

I assume that I should show up in Moab with most everything needed for the stay, with the exception of few pershible items that could be purchased in Moab?

Should I plan to camp cook most meals or is there a fairly large group that makes it to town for meals?

Any other helpful information, advice, tips etc would be greatly apreciated.

Thanks. See you in Moab!
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