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Originally Posted by desmocruiser View Post
Thanks again. Really helping to make my prep much easier, trying to put a few finishing touches on the 80' series before it goes!

Plan on sleeping in the Cruiser, have a nice platform above my storage drawers and a thin custom futon mattress that fits nicely. Would it be a good idea to rent a small enclosed UHaul in Moab to toss all of my gear in while on the trail?

I would prefer not to have to take everything on the trail or have to leave it laying on the ground in case it were to rain, dust storm etc.
Hi, desmocruiser
I will be sleeping in the car as well.
I have one of these canopy I did not think bringing.
If I can tie it to the factory roof, I suppose I can give it a try.
I plan to bring a backup tent, but I really like sleeping in the car on the air mattress.
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