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Default Spring Break in Moab

Yeah, it was Easter Jeep Safari. So you either ate at 4pm or 8pm. Just a madhouse.

Funny story, or at least funny to me. We were at AArchway Inn. They have a decent breakfast every AM and we were down there. So there are two guys, 50s but both had BLACK hair (READ: dyed). They also wore young dood jeans. Ok, good enough. But then their wives roll in. There isn't a human being in the world that doesn't do a double-take on these gals. White-tipped nails, blonder than any naturally occurring blonde, and augmented (think Pam Anderson). Low slung jeans too. These gals were at least 20 years their husbands junior. So I immediately quipped, "Now we know who is driving the hummers." My wife scolds me like she does every time I stereotype anyone, which is, sadly, quite often. But two days later she walks in and says, "You were right!" And this is not to disparage anyone with a young, "augmented" wife.

We did the loop hike in Arches in a snow storm and howling winds. We went and spent two days in Needles (I really like Needles). We went around E-Hill again during another crappy weather day. Also did Salt Creek on a SPECTACULAR day. There are some gorgeous trails and side canyons to be had there.

Here is a picture of me parked in front of the Castle Arch trail, Castle Arch, the Family at Fortress Arch, and my daughter singing from a perch in one of the side canyons.
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