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Ricardo, thanks so much for putting this together. It is really appreciated - and the guys at BT Bedliner gave me some additional ideas and edumacation on airbags (they have a finger in a lot of pies, and know them too).

I really appreciated the alignment next door, too, for (get this) $20!! Rising Sun price. I found out both axles are well within spec (I've not ever had the alignment done professionally on the Chili, I never knew for sure). The new front Alcans absolutely nailed the caster. Camber is perfect. My home spun toe-in job... not so much. They saved my lunch (front tires can buy a lot of lunches). They do free alignment checks, too, folks. They know their stuff.

When I left the place I had a new tranny noise and was sorely disappointed in myself; it sounded like my new breather fitting was ticking against the thin steel splash plate. I drove about five miles, stopped for a marg with the crew afterwards, and driving home...


No more noise. Musta just been some innocuous thing or the other. The R151 shifts better now with fresh MT-90 in it too. Yeah, its expensive, but if your tranny shifts badly even though it is a long way from needing a rebuild... give it a try. Once you displace all the old gear lube (500 miles or so) you might be surprised at the difference.

We will see if my fix eliminates the splooge. It should, in theory, as the tranny now can breathe freely and the breather exits just under the hood. You know what they say:

In theory, theory and reality are the same. In reality, they are not.
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